KTX-Hidden Decking Screw

For Hidden Decking Screw System

 Category: Deck Screw

 Size: M4.8 (#10)

 Length: 50, 60, 75mm (2”, 2~3/8”, 3”)

 Material: 10B21, S.S. 304, S.S. 316

OEM/ODM is welcome


Eliminate cam-out slippage

● Work with modified 6-lobe bit, 6-lobe drive eliminates cam-out slippage


Head sinking without burrs

● Head sinking without wood splits & burrs

● Keep the object surface flat and smooth when fastening directly

● Work with KTX-Jig, creating a beautiful and fastener-free deck surface by side fastening.

No need to predrill

● Enlarge the hole and remove the wood chips, avoid wood splits, especially on the edge of the wood

● Drill hard wood without predrill and without breakage


Work with KTX-Jig, recommended KTX-Hidden Decking Screw size

● M4.8x50mm: suitable for top board thickness 1925mm

● M4.8x60mm: suitable for top board thickness 2532mm

● M4.8x75mm: suitable for top board thickness 3238mm



● Screw Patented:European Union, United Kingdom, USA

● KTX-Jig Patented: Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada


KTX-Jig for Hidden Decking Screw System video


The best deck screw leads you to success.



Q1: Can KTX-Hidden Decking Screw only be used with KTX-Jjig?

A1: No, KTX-Hidden Decking Screw can also fasten into the wood board surface directly without jig. However, if you would like to fastenobliquely to create a beautiful appearance on outdoor decking with invisible screw, it is recommended to use with KTX-Jig.

Why choose Kwantex
  • Professional and Leading Screw Brand - KWANTEX
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    Focus on Research and Design in fastener field
    Second factory opened in 2015
    Industry 4.0 spirit
  • Strong R&D and QA Team
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    Obtain more than 100 patents
    3 major QA procedure:
    Dimensional measurement
    Mechanical properties test
    Actual test on materials
    Environmental lab:
    Salt spray test and kesternich test
Certificates to Meet International Fasteners Standards
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
  • CE marking for EN 14566, EN 14592
  • KTCO,Corrosion Protection Coating - C4 Approved by RISE in Sweden
  • German Red Dot Product Design Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
  • SGS 18 Years Merit Award – ISO 9001
  • Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
Kwantex Research Inc. was established since 1996 mainly devotes to Research and Design in fastener field. We are one of the few enterprises who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products.
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