Collated Screw System

The Most Complete System in Taiwan

 Category: Collated Screw

 Size: M3.5-M4.5 (#6~#9)

 Length: 15-75mm (5/8”~3”)

 Material: C1022, 10B21, S.S. A2 (SS302, SS304, SS305) / A4 (SS316)

OEM/ODM is welcome


Low push-out strength

● One size strip for all sizes of screws (φM3.5~M4.5, length 15-75mm)

● Latest strip design to save the cost and overall low push-out strength under 10kgf

● Mass-production base in Taiwan



● Compatible with worldwide power tools w/attachments 

● Plain and color paper boxes, clear bucket and complete system packaging design optional


The best collated screw is used in drywall installation, building furniture, decks, steps and frames.



Q1: Which color do you offer for strips?

A1: We mainly offer transparent strips. We also can offer assigned color for strips, but there is min. order quantity limit for colored strips.

Q2: What kind of strip do you offer?

A2: We offer our own design – TIJ strip (Taiwan injection strip), and one size strip for popular sizes of collated screws (M3.5~M4.5, length 15~75mm).

Q3: What kind of package do you offer?

A3: We normally offer paper box package for collated screw, the paper box can be plain brown box or colored box per customer’s request.

    l Screw length under 39mm: 50pcs/strip, 20 strips/box, 10 boxes/ctn

    l Screw length 40~55mm: 50pcs/strip, 20 strips/box, 6 boxes/ctn

    l Screw length 56~75mm: 50pcs/strip, 14 strips/box, 6 boxes/ctn

Why choose Kwantex
  • Professional and Leading Screw Brand - KWANTEX
    Established in 1996
    Focus on Research and Design in fastener field
    Second factory opened in 2015
    Industry 4.0 spirit
  • Strong R&D and QA Team
    Develop new products every year
    Obtain more than 100 patents
    3 major QA procedure:
    Dimensional measurement
    Mechanical properties test
    Actual test on materials
    Environmental lab:
    Salt spray test and kesternich test
Certificates to Meet International Fasteners Standards
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
  • CE marking for EN 14566, EN 14592
  • KTCO,Corrosion Protection Coating - C4 Approved by RISE in Sweden
  • German Red Dot Product Design Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
  • SGS 18 Years Merit Award – ISO 9001
  • Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
Kwantex Research Inc. was established since 1996 mainly devotes to Research and Design in fastener field. We are one of the few enterprises who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products.
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