KTX-Archimedes' Secret Structural Screw

Stronger Torque Transfer Structure Screw Without Guide Device

 Category: Wood Screw

 Size: M6.0-M12

 Length: 60-600mm

 Material: C1022, 10B21

OEM/ODM is welcome


TTX® Drive  

● Unique 6-lobe sharp hooks design, no cam-out

● More contact surface, less wear

● Superior bit engagement between TTX® drive and bit, higher torque transfer and no wobbling

● Universality:

 TTX® bit fits all 6-lobe drives tight

 All 6-lobe bits can fit TTX® drive

● Y2022 Fastener Innovation Awards in US

● Patented: Taiwan, Japan


Tornado Ribs

● Head sinking without wood splits and tailings

● Keep the object surface flat and smooth

● Better control when seating the head providing nice flush with a clean finish



KTX-Convex Head

● Special convex head with balanced force transfer

l       ● No hex corner, no wear out

l       ● Customized nut setter, no cam-out

l       ● Higher torque transfer

● Longer nut setter lifespan

KTX-Archimedes’ Secret Thread

● Immediate grip the wood surface, enlarge the hole slowly without cutting off wood fiber

● Low driving torque, anti-split in the edge of wood, anti-back out and pull out performances of the whole screw are never seen in the market, even surpass other top brands in the world

● Safety guarantee of worldwide wood structure, century product of energy-saving and force-saving

● DXAS' thread is the great opportunity to succeed in the market, it can replace TY-17, cutters (2 cuts) and other extrusion design in between threads because of its remarkable lower driving torque and vibration reduction.

● Thread Patented: Taiwan, Japan (other countries in pending)



KTX-Archimedes' Secret Structural Screw video

The best wood structure screw leads you to success.




Q1: What is the maximum size and length of KTX-Torpedo Structure Screw?

A1: We can supply the screw M6.0~M12 and length 60~600mm.

Q2: What kind of head types do you offer?

A2: The following head types are available:

   l Double flat head w/4 Tornado Ribs

   l Pan washer head

   l Hex washer head

   l Flat pan head

   l Convex KTX flange washer head

Q3: What kind of material do you offer?

A3: Due to construction application, it is recommended:

   l C1022 with bending angle greater than 30

   l 10B21 with bending angle greater than 45


Why choose Kwantex
  • Professional and Leading Screw Brand - KWANTEX
    Established in 1996
    Focus on Research and Design in fastener field
    Second factory opened in 2015
    Industry 4.0 spirit
  • Strong R&D and QA Team
    Develop new products every year
    Obtain more than 100 patents
    3 major QA procedure:
    Dimensional measurement
    Mechanical properties test
    Actual test on materials
    Environmental lab:
    Salt spray test and kesternich test
Certificates to Meet International Fasteners Standards
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
  • CE marking for EN 14566, EN 14592
  • KTCO,Corrosion Protection Coating - C4 Approved by RISE in Sweden
  • German Red Dot Product Design Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
  • SGS 18 Years Merit Award – ISO 9001
  • Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Award – KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw
Kwantex Research Inc. was established since 1996 mainly devotes to Research and Design in fastener field. We are one of the few enterprises who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products.
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