2021 / 10 / 28 KTX-Convex Head


Kwantex developed the latest KTX-Convex Head, it can replace the traditional hex washer head and provide better functions and performance, please find the advantages below.


● The four petal arc and four flat surface design with acute angle connection balances the force transfer evenly during installation.

● The large contact surface between bit holder and KTX-Convex head enables the four petal arc and four flat surface design to fit the bit holder effectively and reach higher torque transfer in the whole process.

● The bit holder is not easy to cam-out during installation, so the lifespan of bit holder is longer.


KTX-Convex Head can be applied on concrete screw, wood structural screw and etc.


If you are interested in special head type, please do not hesitate to contact us! 








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