2021 / 02 / 02 Environmentally-friendly Surface Treatment - Chrome 3+ or Chrome Free

The world we live is facing the serious climate change and environmental pollution, so more and more people are devoted to slow global warming, prevent pollution, reduce chemical hazards and waste, and etc.


We are no exception. In order to provide a sustainable environment for the next generation, we offer eco-friendly surface treatment – Chrome 3+ or Chrome Free.



 Reduce Environmental Impact

 Reach & RoHS Compliant

 Positive Public Image

 Increase Business Opportunity


The eco-friendly surface treatment will be the trend in the future. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

Kwantex Research Inc. was established since 1996 mainly devotes to Research and Design in fastener field. We are one of the few enterprises who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products.
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