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KTX-Terrace(IPE) Screw

IPE, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Massaranduba and more (High Tensile Stainless Steel)


Drive System:

  1. Torx drive eliminates cam-out slippage
  2. SQ optional

Tornado Ribs:

  1. Head sinking without wood splits & burrs 
  2. Keep the object surface flat and smooth
  3. Better control when seating the head providing nice flush with a clean finish

Drill Point:

  1. Enlarge the hole and remove the wood chips, avoid wood splits, especially on the edge of the wood
  2. Drill extremely hard wood without predrill and without breakage
    (screw made by high tensile stainless steel material)
  3. Majority used in the market is IPE+ACQ
  4. High pull-out value for security purpose