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KTX-Torpedo ®1 Screw

Immediate Grip. Fast & Safe Driving. Anti-Split. Anti-Loose. Anti-Corrosion. Eco-Friendly


The KTX-Torpedo 1 Screw has been developed for a wide range of applications in that it unites many different thread types. It can, for instance, be used as a drywall screw, chipboard screw and decking screw. Moreover, it may also function as a general wood screw in soft and hard woods or be used in steel-frame constructions. In addition, the torpedo screw is characterised by environmentally friendly properties, a fast grip with little force required, strong holding power and a very low risk of splitting.

  1. One screw has the functions of coarse thread, fine thread, Hi-Lo thread and drill point.
  2. Bugle Head w/4 Tornado Ribs has better performance on head flush (no paper chips) than regular bugle head and double bugle head when drilling into plasterboard.
  3. Torpedo thread can drill into plasterboard, wood material (soft & hard) and thin steel sheet metal (Max. 1.0mm).
  4. KTX-Torpedo 1 screw can be used as drywall screw, chipboard screw or decking screw.