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KTX-1 Metal S.S. Self-drilling Screw

Comparison Test Between KTX-1 Metal S.S. Self-drilling Screw and other screws


Features of KTX-1 Metal Stainless Steel Self-drilling Screw:

In the worldwide demand and R&D history for stainless steel self-drilling screw, we have collected problems that occurred in different applications, for example, S/S 300 series and Bi-Metal screws have insufficient value in hardness, tensile, breaking torque; S/S 400 series screws do not have high corrosion resistance; and the price of Bi-Metal screw is too expensive. Even if there is 1 screw (Mxxxtex) made with high tensile stainless steel by cold forging in current market, the performance of corrosion resistance and price is still not quite satisfactory.

KTX-1 Metal Stainless Steel Self-drilling Screw  is designed to eliminate these problems mentioned above at one time; she has the following advantages comparing with current material in the market:

1.Heat treated hard Martensitic stainless steel material to replace A2 cap, ZDC cap, SS410, Bi-Metal and Mxxxtex

2.Belong to Martensite Stainless Steel which has high corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, high drilling capacity performance 

  1. High corrosion resistance: Min 5000hrs SST; Min 50 cycles Kesternich Test passed
  2. High hardness: Can reach HV620 that is harder than C1022 and S/S 400 series
  3. High strength: Tensile, shear, breaking torque performance are all better than C1022, SS410 and Bi-Metal
  4. High drilling performance: Can be drilled repeatedly in the standard thickness of steel plate more than 3 times

3.Surface: Bright appearance same as S/S 300 series